20 Mei 2013

Solution to “JAR file is over max size” in Samsung Units

You have landed on this page because you tried installing an application in your Samsung phone only to be prompted by this error: “JAR file is over max size

And now, you are looking for the solution for this error. I want to share to you the secret code that will resolve this “JAR file is over max size” error. I have tried this in Samsung Champ and it works. I am not sure if this will work in other Samsung Units, but it's worth a try.

The reason why this error is prompted is because the default value for a jar file in Samsung units is 500 KB. So if your installation file (which is always in .jar file) is more than 500 KB, you cannot install it. But, I found a way to install .jar files which are more than 500 KB. Just follow this procedure.

1. In your keypad, type this code: 

2. You will get the JAVA Test Menu after typing the above code, find the OTA Test menu and open it.

3. Then you will see the value 500 in Maximum JAR size field, change the value to a number higher than 500, i.e. 5000.

4. Save the setup

5. Now, go back to your jar file and install it

You should be able to install it now.

And of course, you can play the application now.

If you want to play my sample application which is Guitar Hero in your Samsung unit, just leave your email address to the comment box and I will send the .jar file to you.

Read more: http://shirgie-story.blogspot.com/2011/02/solution-to-jar-file-is-over-max-size.html#ixzz2Tp2LCDQ3

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Solution to “JAR file is over max size” in Samsung Units

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