03 Juli 2013

Ducati 2013 Deals & Discounts

Do not you take off your head the Ducati 2013 brand? You want to buy one of their bikes? Well you're in luck because this summer, specifically to the September 30, Ducati kicks the house through the window and applies special discount to some of its most popular models. If you are interested in large Supermotards nakeds or pay attention to the following promotions.

Ducati 2013

Starting with the Ducati Multistrada 1200, a marvel of technology that revolutionized the market for so many years, will be available at the dealership for a cut of 1503.62 euros in the official price, ie, MTS can be yours for 15,686 euros . The Ducati Hyperstrada, as versatile as it is attractive to travel, you can take it for 11,955 euros and the Ducati Monster 696, 696 +, 696ABS, 796 and 796ABS see its price lowered to 1512.50 euros a not inconsiderable.

The idea of Ducati with these discounts is to stimulate the motorcycle market in the absence of support from the government. Precisely at the time when historically the rebounding auto sales, even though no biker who dares to get in leather overalls to 40 degrees, but the true fans will never change Ducati two wheels by the four.

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Ducati 2013 Deals & Discounts

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