25 Juni 2013

Vespa PX 2013, an Ideal Bike for Summer

Vespa PX 2013
Vespa PX 2013 - What a legendary bike more! Vespa PX is called and not exactly a stranger to lovers of scooters. We are talking about a machine with more than 35 years of history, as it was first presented in Milan in 1977. Ever since then it has become a benchmark, but in 2007 they announced a shutdown of production did not resume until 2010, when it launched a new version with an engine that met emissions regulations.

As authentic as the first day with Vespa PX series

For this 2013 is to be welcomed that remains among us to become an interesting proposal for the summer. Whether or not this type made ​​islands such as motorcycle Formentera, is a great idea to get her to move with style and simplicity, which is possible thanks to its minimalist design and a solidity that is guaranteed by its steel body .
Vespa PX 2013
Its engine is indestructible and complies with Euro 3 emissions over. Despite the obvious changes, retains some original features such as four-speed manual transmission on the handlebar or the ability to mount spare wheel.

The main developments are found in your seat (renovated to be more comfortable), in vintage style cubredirección and the bezel with logo Vespa PX 2013. In short, it is a distinctive and unique bike is available in two versions: Vespa PX 125 that is 3,326 euros and Vespa PX 150 3,428 euros.

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Vespa PX 2013, an Ideal Bike for Summer

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